Port Development Analysis and Investigation

The BMSC has developed an extensive portfoli of projects from all over the world that have enabled companies to test, validate and refine their engineering designes and comcepts for their port development or expansion projects.
These simulations have saved organisations millions of dollars in the construction of their facilities, ensured the safe and appropriate movement of vessels and enabled the generation of millions of dollars in revenue.
The development of port models and area databases is undertaken in consultation with engineering firms and consultants ensuring that the models are generated with a high degree of precision and fidelity. Similarly the vessels used also undergo comprehensive development ensuring they perform and behave in a manner consistent with the real vessel. The Transas technology provides the BMSC with the ability to deliver a detailed standard and quality of work that can rarely be replicated by other simulation systems in Australia.
Our simulation exercises comprehensively test the port models across their entire range of operation conditions. Our team record and report on all manoeuvres and scenarios to a high level of detail to ensure that all the objectives and goals of the simulation study are achieved.

Specialised Training

With an increasing burden to organisations to fully utilise their vessels and resources the BMSC offers the unique opportunity for clients to be trained in a range of vessels and associated technologies that can be customised to your specific need and project. This can enable your staff and crews to be trained to your exact project prior to the mobilisation of your fleet.
Furthermore, the BMSC can incorporate emergency procedures training into you projects to test the viability of contingencies and the capabilities of you crews to communicate and competently handle emergency situations.
Commonly requested training includes:
  • Pilot Validation
  • Emergency Procedure Training
  • Cyclone Procedure Validation
  • ASD Handling
  • Tug and Barge Operations
  • Dredging Support